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Is this a good explanation on people whose bodies are not consumed and therefore are considered as Awliyah?

we must verify what the quraan and the sunnah of prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) say on this affair. this is because the prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) said;

"i have left amongst you two things with which you will not go astray: The Book of Allaah and my Sunnah,and they will not be seperated till they come to me at the Pond" (anthentic hadeeth in Al-Haakim)

the Quraan teaches us that pharaoh's body (the great enemy of islaam during the time of moosa (as) ) was saved to be a sigh for people, so his body has not been consumed;

"so today We shall save you(i.e pharaoh) in your body in order that you become a sign to those after you" (Quraan 10:92)

no muslim can claim that pharaoh was a wali just because his body was saved, but it has been saved just to be a sigh for those after him, he was a great enemy of islaam.

according to the Sunnah, the Prophets' (as) bodies has not been consumed as a honour not like that of pharaoh,for, prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) said;

"Allaah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets" (sunan abu daawud,volume 1,num:1526)

so according to Quraan and Sunnah, we have learn that pharaoh's body and that of the prophets (as) have not been consumed. but there is no Quraanic verse or hadeeth which claim that generally if a person's body is not consumed by earth, then he is surely a wali, despite the fact that there are indeed people whose bodies have not been consumed by the earth. however there is a scientific explanation which proves that a person's body can be mummified naturally,thus not consumed by the earth. here is an explanation in the book "MUMMIES", published by Kingfisher Knowledge;

"it is not only the cold that can make mummies. the world's hot,dry deserts suck the fluid from bodies,reducing them to skin and bone. even watery places,such as peat bogs, can transform a body into a mummy" (MUMMIES, page 9)

so if a person's body has been buried in such places and has not been consumed by earth, will it not be stupid to claim for sure that he is a wali?

there are even non-muslims, whose bodies have not been consumed by earth, is it logic to claim that these people are auliyah, bearing in mind that they are non-muslims?!

there are even animals whose carcasses have not been consumed by earth. several years ago, a well known newspaper in my country published an article an a female german sherpherd, whose carcass was still intact after 6 months of it's death, when his proprietor digged it's grave. so is it logic to say that this german sherpherd is a saint,just because it's carcass has not been consumed by the earth?! and indeed it's proprietor was a hindu priest, who then claimed that the dog was a saint!!

i have heard quite some people who claim that those whose bodies are not consumed by earth are sinless people! who in this world can claim that he is sinless? seconly, if what these people are saying was true, then, no bodies of children who have died before birth, would have been consumed by earth because these children are really sinless as they have not even live 1 second of this world, but yet, their bodies are consumed by earth!!

and also if what these people claim was true, then even those children who has lived after birth but died before attaining the age of puberty, their bodies would not have been consumed by earth because they are not responsible for their bad actions and the fact that they are not responsible for their bad actions is this hadeeth;

"there are three (persons) whose actions are not recorded: a sleeper till he awakes,an idiot (insane) till he is restored to reason,and a boy till he reaches puberty" (sunan abu daawud,volume 3,num:4384)

so these children are also "sinless", but yet their bodies are consumed by earth!

so apart from the bodies of the prophets (as) and that of Pharaoh, anyone whose body is not consumed in a place where the earth normally consumes the bodies of the dead, then ALLAAH KNOWS BEST WHY HE HAS PROHIBITED THE EARTH FROM CONSUMING HIS BODY, BUT WE HAVE TO REMAIN SILENT AND NOT DECLARE HIM AS A WALI WITH CERTAINTY


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