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It is indeed possible to see Prophet (swallallaahu 'alaihi wassallam) in a dream and seeing him in a dream is a blessing from Allaah because it is a true dream. Here is an authentic hadeeth which proves that it is possible to see prophet (swallallaahu 'alaihi wassallam);

"Whoever has seen me in a dream,has in fact seen me,for Satan does not appear in my form."(Saheeh Muslim,vol:4,pg 1225,num:5635 and pg 1226,num:5639)

To know as to whether we have really seen him, here is a detailed explanation;

Since the Prophet (swallallaahu 'alaihi wassallam) made this statement about dreams to his companions,who were familiar with his appearance,it means that if one who knows EXACTLY WHAT THE PROPHET (SWALLALLAAHU ALAIHI WASSALLAM) LOOKS LIKE, sees someone fitting that description in a dream, he can be sure that Allaah has blessed him with a vision of the Prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam)(Imaam an-Nawawi quotes al-Qaadee expressing this opinion. see Saheeh Muslim Sharh An-Nawawee,vol:8,pg 30)

After quoting the hadeeth on seeing prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) in a dream, Ibn Seereen was reported in Saheeh al Bukhari as saying;

"only if he sees the prophet(swallallaahu 'alaihi wassallam) in his (actual) form"(Saheeh Bukhari,vol:9,pg 104,num 122 and Sunan Abu Daawud,vol:3,pg 1396 and authenticated in Saheeh Sunan Abee daawud,vol:3,pg 947,num:4201)

It was also reported that whenever someone told Ibn Seereen that he saw Prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) in a dream,he would ask the person to describe whom he saw. if the person mentionned characteristics unknown to Ibn Seereen,he would tell him that he had not not seen the Prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam)(Ibn Hajar declared this narration to be saheeh,see Fath Al Baaree,vol:12,pg400)

Kulayb also reported that once he told Ibn Abbaas (ra) that he had seen Prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) in a dream and Ibn Abbaas (ra) asked him to describe whom he saw. When he mentionned that the figure looked like al Hasan ibn Ali (ra), Ibn Abbaas (ra) told him that he had in fact seen the Prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wasallam)( Ibn Hajar quotes this narration from Al Haakim and asserts that its chain of narrators (asaaneed) is jayyid (good),see Fath Al Baaree,vol:12,pg 400)

So although Allaah has denied Satan the ability of taking the actual form of the Prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) , however ,it is possible for Satan to appear in the dreams of those unfamiliar with the prophet's appearance ,and claim that he is Allaah's messenger.( the narration of ibn Abee Aasim from Aboo Hurayrah that the prophet (swallallaahu alaihi wassallam) said;"whoever sees me in a dream has seen me,for i may be seen in every form" is not authentic according to Ibn Hajar.see Fath al Baaree,vol:12,pg 400)

So Satan may then prescribe religious innovations for the dreamer of inform him that he is the Mahdee (the awaited reformer) or even Prophet Jesus, who is to return in the last days. The number of individuals who have started religious innovations or made such claims,based on dreams,are countless.

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